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Lung ventilator «AVENTA-M»

Lung ventilator «AVENTA-M»
Lung ventilator «AVENTA-M»
  • Description

High-class ICU/PICU ventilator AVENTA-M

Ventilator with a built-in turbine and a touch screen display. Graphic display reflects all digital parameters, as well as respiratory graphics, including FiO2, EtCO2, monitoring in real-time mode. The ventilator can be used for adults and pediatric patients from 3 kg to 250 kg.


  • Micro-processor controlled ventilation system with integrated monitoring of breath suitable for 3kg newborns, children and adults;

  • Apnea detection;

  • Pressure relief valve;

  • High sensitive correction of the ventilation in case of independent breathing attempts of the patient;

  • Automatic adjustment of ventilation parameters and alarm according to the weight;

  • Automatic switching to the sanitation of airways mode;

  • Automatic selection of pressure increasing optimal rate (Pramp-AUTO) ;

  • Sensitive smart trigger does not miss real breathing attempts;

  • Automatically controlled Exhalation trigger (Esens-AUTO) ;

  • Automatically controlled FiO2;

  • Automatically controlled PEEP;

  • Auto maintenance (support) of the set Minute Ventilation in all modes;

  • Automatic adaption on inspiratory stream in the loaded ventilation regimes;

  • Automatic outflow compensation;

  • Expiratory valve (unit) installed inside the lung ventilator;

  • 6 hours built-in battery.